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October 1 2018

Lumion 9 is coming soon...

It’s that time of the year again. Lumion 9 is on its way. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come.

Buy Lumion Now, Upgrade to Lumion 9 for Free

If you buy a new Lumion license starting from October 1st, 2018, you’ll receive a free upgrade to Lumion 9, when it becomes available.

You can find more information on new purchases and upgrade options here. 

August 17 2018

Oculus Go and VR experiences with Lumion 8

Go beyond the “look” of your 3D designs, and transport your clients into the heart of unbuilt spaces by rendering 360 panoramas for the Oculus Go and other VR headsets in Lumion 8.


In many ways, the recently released Oculus Go headset presents an immersive look in the future of VR and 3D architectural visualization.

With the addition of the striking, highly realistic renders from Lumion 8, you’ll have the architectural tools needed to make sure that your clients are truly feeling the spaces around them, instead of being limited by stretches of the imagination.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss rendering 360 panoramas in Lumion 8, and how VR technologies such as the Oculus Go can help deliver your projects in a format that’ll pull your audience through the front door of your design and blow them away.

August 13 2018

From a Spinal Injury to an Independent Design Professional with Lumion

Despite tetraplegia, and use of only one arm, Lumion user Manakit Thawlom is making strides in the professional design world with his renders of modern Thai structures.

While the architecture profession has progressed to be more inclusive and diverse, there are still many barriers to standard CAD software that limit professional opportunities for some people with disabilities.

With the rise of new computer technologies and intuitive 3D architecture software like Lumion, designer Manakit Thawlom is breaking through and helping change that narrative.


One of Manakit’s favorite projects was the stylish DeChiang in Chiang Mai. Rendered in Lumion 8.

August 2 2018

Move, vary and animate: breaking down the ‘Backyard Pool’ video

Learn how to animate objects, switch on layers and alternate between model iterations in a single animation with this video breakdown.

As the architect, you and the client might not always see eye-to-eye for every space in the house’s design. For instance, the client really wants a backyard with a swimming pool, a safety deck for young children, relaxing poolside seating and a lawn, but he/she can’t imagine how it’d all fit!

Fortunately, you’re armed with a great idea — a large, wooden pool deck that, with the help of a motor, can slide and cover the pool. 

As an all-in-one tool, Lumion can help you engage your client with a creative, animated render. In minutes, you can animate the wooden deck and truly show the beauty of the backyard when it’s finished, all without third-party software.

In this blog post, we’ll take a deeper look at the ‘Backyard Pool’ video and explore how to thrill clients using features such as Variation Control (Pro only), Layer Visibility and Move.

July 6 2018

How to bring story and emotion to architectural animations

Architectural studio and property marketing agency, Ten Over Media, breaks down communication barriers between architect and audience by infusing emotion and storytelling into every animation.

When is a fireplace more than just that, a fireplace?

What does it mean when a client looks at a living room? A kitchen? A bedroom?

What does “home” mean when producing architectural videos?

These are just a few of the difficult questions that Ten Over Media tackles when rendering 3D animations. Instead of simply showing a room, a building facade or other details, Ten Over Media uses storytelling and emotion to create powerful connections with audiences.

“Our job is to find a relationship between storytelling and visuals. It is this relationship that can remove the wall between designers and clients because, all of a sudden, you’re not just seeing a fireplace in a video. You’re showing a welcoming home. But still, is it enough to remove the wall between designers and clients?” asks Mathieu Anfosso, Creative Director at Ten Over Media.

So, let’s see what makes them stand out.