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June 18 2019

Lumion 9.5 is out now!

Mood and feeling are crucial elements of impactful architectural renders, and in Lumion 9.5, you can instantly and easily create a warm, cozy feeling around your design’s interiors and exteriors.


Lumion 9.5 was released today as a free update for all Lumion 9.x users. It builds on Lumion’s large content library to help architects quickly visualize their designs with living, beautiful environments and richly detailed materials.

With the addition of new natural objects and materials, Lumion 9.5 helps communicate the cozy feeling of your design and its surroundings faster and easier than ever before.

Apply any of the 52 new wood and brick materials and you’ll immediately set up that warm, home-sweet-home feeling for your interiors and exteriors. You can then invite nature into your design with the 14 new leafless trees and shrubs, 96 forest wood objects (twigs, trunks, logs, punk woods, stumps, etc.) and 25 potted plants.*

With the added benefit of lightning-fast rendering, Lumion 9.5 makes it easy to connect interior and exterior spaces with a consistent mood, while helping you quickly polish the look of your renders with a breathtaking level of realism.


Lumion 9.5 is a free update for all Lumion 9.x users. 

For more information on Lumion 9.5, please visit our Knowledge Base article, “Lumion 9.5: Everything you need to know.”

*Some of the new objects are only available in Lumion 9.5 Pro

May 31 2019

Just what can you really do with Lumion? Architect Paul Spaltman explains.

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”

Earlier this year, the Lumion team along with Dutch architect Paul Spaltman spoke with over 100+ students from one of the most renowned architecture schools, TU Delft.

You can watch the entire 30-minute presentation here:

Don’t have time to watch the whole video? In this blog, you can learn some of the basics about Lumion. This includes the benefits that Lumion can offer you as an architect and the speed and ease in which Lumion can support your rendering needs at any stage of the design process.

May 16 2019

How to optimize your 3D model for faster Lumion performance

Want to speed up your Lumion performance? Follow these helpful, 3D model optimization tips to reduce the size of your models and improve your real-time rendering experience in Lumion.


Imagine you created an incredibly detailed 3D model of your latest design. The model includes complex, intricate details such as beautiful, carefully selected nature objects and highly realistic materials and textures.

These details have made the model quite heavy and, while Lumion is certainly capable of handling large models with ease, sometimes the model can become so huge that it ends up slowing down the performance in Lumion’s real-time editor.

So, what can you do to reduce the model size and improve your Lumion experience?

May 2 2019

5 weeks to deadline with the help of Lumion

Architect Hilbrand Wanders from the Rotterdam-based architecture firm, Studio AAAN, discusses how they recently won a design competition and how Lumion helped them do it.


The Wantijhof Dordrecht development, designed by Studio AAAN.

In late 2018, Dutch architect Hilbrand Wanders and his colleagues at the Rotterdam-based Studio AAAN were invited to participate in a design competition for a 36-apartment city block in the city of Dordrecht, The Netherlands.

The catch — the four-person team had only five weeks to submit a proposal outlining their designs in a clear, compelling manner.

April 9 2019

Building a sense of place: objects in Lumion 9

In Lumion 9 Pro, there are 634 new HD objects* available to help you quickly create compelling renders that simulate reality. You can find hundreds of new interior objects as well as nature objects, vehicles and people, among others. 


Whether designing a building, an interior or a landscape, many architectural projects are intricately connected to their surroundings. Detailed environments and lifelike scenes can help viewers make sense of your design and experience it in a much more personal way.

Some renders, for instance, often need to communicate the real-life location where a building is planned to be built, while other renders demonstrate a vision of what a room might feel like for the people who will live there.


When creating scenes in Lumion and showing what your project will look like after it’s built, you can save time and energy by using the large content library of beautiful, high-resolution 3D objects available right in Lumion. And the best part is that adding these objects to your scene is virtually instantaneous. Simply search for the object in the content library and place it in your scene.

In Lumion 9 Pro, you can find 634 new HD objects for interiors, exteriors, landscapes, urban scenes and more. These include:

  • 459 indoor objects ranging from high-quality kitchen appliances to seating, desks, storage items and other home furnishings.
  • 91 new trees, plants and rocks from around the globe, including variations in shape and size.
  • 30 new, high-quality animated 3D people, including men, women, elderly people, bicyclists and more.
  • 10 new vehicle models, including HD cars, sports cars and SUVs
  • And several others

With these new objects, the total amount of objects in the Lumion 9 Pro content library is 5,259. Continue reading below for a detailed overview of some of these objects.