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January 19 2017

Spanish Architects talk about their work and Lumion

If you like to use the Spanish language, take a look at these four interviews with influential Spain-based Architects and BIM Managers, from successful architectural firms. They talk about Lumion and how it has helped to fundamentally improve their Architectural work processes.

Above:  María Pascual, BIM Manager de C95 Creative

Above: Daniel Criado, BIM Manager at Grupo Comsa

Above: Santiago Cifuentes, Architectural Director at Cifuentes Costales Arquitectura

Above:  Jose Corraliza, Visualization Manager and Christian Robles, Architect at AECOM

January 12 2017

Ivy, Leaves and Climbing Plants in Lumion 7

Anyone who’s worked in 3D visualization will know how difficult it is to get realistic looking climbing plants, or ivy that clings to surfaces like walls or fences.

Lumion specializes in making tough stuff easy and the solution for adding climbing plants and leafy materials in Lumion 7 is super-simple and effective. Look at the climbing plant on the walls in the image below. Also check out the pyramid-like bushes. These were all created with just a few mouse clicks. This short blog explains how to do things like this in Lumion 7.


Above: Example of the kind of effect you can create using the foliage functionality in Lumon 7.

The tutorial below shows you how to apply leaves and adjust the leaf type, size, spread and spread pattern.

January 10 2017

Mastering Materials in Lumion 7

Lumion 7 has some great new features to make your materials look more authentic by aging them, which removes some of that sterile CG look and makes the materials look like they belong where they are. The results are authentic, realistic and aesthetically appealing. 

Other materials features in Lumion 7 include a new materials favorites tab, materials translucency and transparency for materials. You can also add foliage to materials. This blog gives some tips and tricks about the new materials features, which can help you get better results, faster.


Above: Image showing aged materials effect on table and floor

Some of the impressive new materials possibilities are demonstrated in these tutorials:


Above: Image showing transparent materials

Above: Waxiness effect applied to a statue

For more advanced tips and tricks, Chris Welton has made this excellent tutorial showing some of the magic you can do with materials in Lumion 7 and how to get more out of some new features.

December 21 2016

New Lumion 7 Tutorials

Architects the world over are experiencing the wonders that Lumion 7 has to offer since its launch in November. Michael Brightman of Brightman Designs, a well-known Lumion expert and enthusiast, has created a really great set of tutorials showing some of the things you can do with Lumion 7. They are a must-watch for all Lumion 7 users.


Above: Michael Brightman introducing his Lumion 7 tutorials

There are 8 tutorials in the series:

  1. An introduction to Lumion 7 overviewing the main new features
  2. Expedited vegetation by applying the new leaf materials
  3. Create more convincing materials with the ageing/weathering effect
  4. Expanded render option including online sharing
  5. Enhanced transparency and translucency of materials
  6. New lighting objects - area lights and line lights
  7. Context import using Open Street Maps
  8. Concluding remarks about Lumion 7

December 2 2016

Lumion 7 Webinar on Youtube

Michael Brightman, of Brightman Designs hosted a webinar on December 1st, describing how to “Maximize Lumion 7″. 

In case you missed it, you can now check it out on Youtube.

8000+ people logged in live to watch Mike’s demo, which was a great introduction and overview to some of the main features in Lumion 7 and how get the most out of them. Definitely worth a watch!