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August 29 2017

Joze Plecnik’s Unrealized Cathedral of Freedom

Architectural rendering is unique in that it allows non-existent buildings to take both form and beauty.

The following video by Kristijan Tavcar, owner of Miragedereve, is a spectacular example of how 3D architectural rendering can breathe life into the unrealized works of the world’s most influential architects. So, without further adieu, here is the “Cathedral of Freedom / Hommage to Jože Plečnik.”

August 24 2017

How to Speed Up Your Workflow With Lumion LiveSync® for Revit

When modeling in Revit, your project is like a piece of clay that’s as moldable and modifiable as you wish. You can raise the pitch of the roof, or give the exterior walls a little more length. Maybe the living room is too small, or that wall in the kitchen needs to be taken down.

However you want to alter your model, the free Lumion LiveSync plugin enables a high-quality, synchronized connection between Revit and Lumion. This way, you can see Revit changes in a photorealistic setting and gain insight about how your project will look and how its spaces will feel.


In this blog post, you can discover some helpful tips to speed up your workflow while using LiveSync. So, for that steeper roof, taller walls or expanded living room, you can make better, more informed Revit modeling decisions while visualizing your model in all its HD beauty.

July 21 2017

3 Tips for Rendering Context for Landscape Architects and Urban Planners

One of the challenges in landscape architecture and urban planning is rendering the project’s context. From planting large amounts of trees to showing the bustle of traffic or people in a city, context creation is often seen as an essential, yet time-consuming task.

So, what’s the secret to complex, perhaps large-scale, exterior renders that look real and feel alive? Hint: it’s not excessive copy-pasting or time-consuming single object placement. Bridging efficiency with the intricacies of exterior settings requires a different approach.


Rendering a complete and beautiful exterior scene shouldn’t be a luxury. We think it should be easy, and accessible. In this post, you’ll find out how techniques such as context downloading with OpenStreetMapMass Placement and Mass Move can help you easily create an effective render packed with accurate and real-looking context.

July 11 2017

How to Bring Beauty to Your 3D Interior Renders

Rendering an authentic-looking interior is a balancing act of light and material, of perspective and composition. 


As an architect or interior designer, rendering beautiful 3D interiors may be your favorite part. Or, it may be fraught with virtually endless nitpicking and irritation.

July 6 2017

Lumion 7.5 out now!

Putting Beautiful Renders Within Your Reach

That’s certainly true of Lumion 7.5, the latest Lumion update available today. So, before diving in, let’s take a look at what’s new!

52 New High-Definition Materials


Lumion empowers architects to quickly create beautiful renders, and the Lumion 7.5 update includes a significant expansion of our extensive materials library. You can now amp up the authenticity and style of your renders with 52 new high-definition materials, including stone, marble, brick and tiles.

These new HD textures can help you apply the finishing touches to create the perfect render. In the example renders below, we’ve demonstrated how the new materials can be applied to floors, walls and other surfaces to create beautiful surfaces, both indoors and outside.


Above: The glossy marble floor serves as a cool companion to the stone wall


Above: A combination of dark, sophisticated floors and a classic stone wall elicit a modern, trendy interior


Above: The wooden-look floor and the stone & brick materials on the walls highlight how the new HD materials create an atmosphere you can feel and textures you can touch.

Non-Square Texture Imports, Distortion-Free


Do you have your own favorite material set? With Lumion 7.5, you can more easily import your own non-square textures without any distortion. This means cleaner, more attractive renders with your own signature materials and styles!


Lumion 7.5 is now available and is a free upgrade for Lumion 7 and 7.3 users. For more information, visit